The Makeup

The secret to a successful makeup artist is the perfect combination of heart, skill and the contents of their kit.

At AJ’s Hair Design & Makeup we take great pride in the training we’ve accomplished and the collaboration of  high quality/best of the best products we utilize.


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Our team consists of  Jane Iredale Affiliates, MAC Pro artists, and Senegence representatives.




The makeup products that fill our kits are designed to –

  • feel natural
  • offer any look/style
  • perfectly match ALL skin tones
  • be good for sensitive skin
  • LAST all day
  • contain high pigment (which means use less)
  • be kiss-proof
  • water resistant and…
  • our favorite – it photographs incredibly well.



AJ’s also cares about your complexion and when you prep your face properly it gives better makeup results! Here are a few products that are good for most skin types that  you can use at home –

-For CLEAN SKIN – Obagi’s Nu-Derm Foaming Gel #1 cleanser

-For SMOOTH SKIN – Dermalogica’s Thermofoliant

-For TONING and MOISTURIZING – Humphrey’s Lilac Witch Hazel

-For  FINE LINES and REJUVENATION (magic really) – Bella Hut’s Hyalrulonic Acid and Matrixyl serum

Using all these products together, as individually recommended can DRASTICALLY improve your appearance!

We Signature heart small the products we use!